Meet the Instructor


Rinata Hollins is a native of Baton Rouge, LA. She is proudly married to Victor, for whom she has three children. Rinata graduated with a bachelors degree in Business Studies from Dallas Baptist University, where she actively participated and lead dance group projects. Rinata currently serves as the Director of Dance at House of Refuge Ministries and Founder of Dance tHerAPPY INC. Rinata has always had a passion for dance. She remembers as a youth the joy of taking tap, jazz, music, art and choral classes. This was only the beginning of her love for The Arts, particularly in dance. While most kids played outside, Rinata immersed herself in dance. During her adolescence she participated and placed in several local dance competitions, organized dance teams and competed in Local, City, and State talent shows using her own choreography.  

Over the years, Rinata has developed her own unique style of Theatrical Dance, aimed to empower dancers and captivated audiences.  Rinata stated “there is freedom in the dance that can only be expressed not explained”.  Today she seeks to create that same safe environment with Dance tHerAPPY. 

As she continues on this journey she desires to motivate, inspire and empower others. Just like some of your children, she has battled with her own emotional challenges to overcome what society says dancers should look like and wear .  As an overweight child, Rinata experienced the rejections and fear that stagger over our lives, if not properly channeled. She refused to give into stereotypes and negative influences. As she  allowed God to cultivate her gifts, Dance became her therapy. That is why she has dedicated her life to helping others use dance as a positive outlet of expression. Dance has motivated her to create a healthier body, mind and spirit.